What are the Advantages for Businesses?

  Energy procurement is a rather complicated name for a straightforward service. The purpose of a procurement service is to find the most suited energy contracts for a business's distinct requirements.

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As your strategic sourcing partner for the best prices for your energy supply, GG4Energy can also assist with;

  1. Risk management
  2. Rate analysis
  3. Energy budget development

  GG4Energy is a procurement program that gives commercial customers a personal introduction to the nation's leading electric and natural gas suppliers. It's the most straightforward and most clear-cut way to source competitive energy products.

What type of organizations can use an energy procurement service?

  GG4Energy energy services procurement is widely available. A range of different business types can benefit, including;

  1. Commercial organizations
  2. Industrial organizations
  3. Educational institutions
  4. Small businesses
  5. Government organizations
  6. Non-profit organizations

  If you doubtful whether your company can use our services, please contact us to find out, the call might save your business money!

What are the benefits of using the GG4Energy procurement service?

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  There are numerous benefits to working with a commercial energy procurement firm such as us, and they are;

How significant are the savings for your business to switch energy suppliers?

  In the best-case scenario, companies who switch suppliers will see a 33% reduction in their energy costs.

  The exact amount your business could save depends on several factors. Your current contract terms are essential and an excellent place to start. The type of energy you require and your projected future needs will also influence the total savings you can achieve.

  The Navigate Power team will utilize our industry expertise and experience to get you results. We'll ensure you achieve the best possible cost savings for specific circumstances.

Does it take a long time to switch business energy supplier?

  Many businesses worry that the process of switching business energy suppliers is long and arduous; however, it is not the case. The switching process begins after your last meter read. From there, it should take no more than two weeks for your energy to switch to your new supplier.

Does switching your business energy supplier impact the supply?

  No. The process is automatic, so you do not need to worry about outages impacting your business.

Do you need to switch energy supplier?

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  GG4Energy welcomes all inquiries, so please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs further. GG4Energy looks forward to giving you the expert energy procurement service your business needs. You can be confident that we will get you the result you're seeking.